I find it almost unthinkable that there isn’t a single easy to use module made specifaclly for Python. I wanted to fill this gap in the best way I can, the solution I found is: PyRYO. It isn’t a module, it is a collection of modules:

  • rpgModular (NPCs and player characters)
  • Charter (for maps)
  • Platonian (Questing module) (To do)
  • Raven (Image and Musics) (To do)
  • Nexus of Stories (A simple client that can be used for any game made with PyRYO) (WIP)

Many Worlds, One Life

PyRYO worlds are connected to each other, a character can be used in any number of worlds, this is done via Van Helsing System and Nexus of Stories client.

Ability to use the same character however has a caviat, a character can become overpowered with all thoose experiences. Which is why, if a character dies in a world, he/she dies in all the worlds. It is a strict perma-death system.