Van Helsing System

PyRYO comes with a universal client for all PyRYO scripts, This is known as the Van Helsing System to use your games with VHS however you need to align with some requirements

File Stracture

  • Characters.db
  • client.pyw
  • Character Inventories
    • Your Character.inventory
  • Worlds
    • <Name of Your Game>
      • info.minfo
      • Data
        • <ChapterName>
          • 1-Arrival.memoir


Characters.db is an sqlite3 file that holds informations about characters and npcs, so that a player can use his/her character not only in your game but also in other people’s games. Characters.db can be created with the setup script or mannualy however we will talk about it later.


client.pyw is the main client of the PyRYO, known as the universal client.

Character Inventories Folder

Character Inventories is the folder in which inventories of player’s characters is held in a file (<charactername>.inventory) this means every inventory item can be carried across multiple gamewords.

Worlds Folder

Worlds folder hold the games developed by any number of developers using PyRYO framework.


info.minfo is the file that holds the description of your game, it is shown as a world detail in the client.

Data Folder

Data Folder is where you keep your chapters (aka episodes) within other folders and any number of items including your music, images and auido.

*.memoir files

*.memoir is a special type of text file that keeps the texts that will be presented to the player via PyRYO framework.

Note to independent developers

To all those beautiful people who decided to use my module to create an independent game, I love you all and if you won’t use my client you really don’t have to use this file structure either since you will ship your game with your own client. However It is my advise to you: It may be better if you use a similer structure as certain folders (inventory) and files (*.db) files are so intertwine with the framework that they are automatically generated and framework may not work properly without them.